Thursday, August 18, 2011

A 5 Minute Video: Bug's Little Battles

I've been slightly MIA in blog world lately. I've been missing, but I have definitely been in action.

I have been gearing up for this year's JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes on September 17th. Our Team will be walking together and wearing new team shirts (not year specific so we can wear them in walks to come)... they are also going to be gifted to team members, so let me know if you would like a shirt (even if you can't make it to the walk). I have spent loads of nap times working on a video (link at the end of the post) that will hopefully give you a little window into our little world.

I want to add, that my husband and I have had many discussions on the subject of not wanting to wear out our welcome with our friends and family when it comes to JDRF events. His point was that we should just do one event a year instead of two because we don't want people to get annoyed with the cause. He also pointed out that there are gobs (my word, not his) of other worthy charities across the globe and everyone has different passions, loyalties, etc. Good point, I know.
My point was/is that
A) I know. There ARE gobs of other worthy causes to support. In fact when someone takes time to spend thought, word, or deed directed toward Juvenile diabetes I always think... "they could have been building a water well, or feeding hungry kids across town, but today, they did something that effects little ol' me and my lil ol' family!"
and on a different note
B) If you get worn out/annoyed/sick of me/fill in the blank... I have to pretend I don't notice. My little girl gets stuck with something sharp, on average, 10 times in a 24 hour period and relies on a little pink computer, that is literally plugged into her body, to keep her system running. If the least I can do is to try to raise awareness, funds, and/or support; I will be doing that until I am blue in the face or until we find a cure.... if we lose a few friends because of it, then who needs 'em.

But seriously, I do hope I'm not annoying anyone already! We are close to a cure, so hopefully, just as you begin to roll your eyes and "huff and puff", we won't have to raise money or awareness anymore!

All that being said; please know that we send out these things with the intention of raising awareness of a need for a cure. We do not expect a wallet to come out every time we send something or invite you somewhere. We have been so humbled by your continued spirit of giving, but the friendships and love mean just as much, if not more.

If the website gives you trouble, let me know and I will try to help.

Enjoy.......... Bug's video

Have a Great Weekend.... Especially all of my teacher friends, one week down!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Uninterrupted Luxury

We had a great vacation and are now home for a bit. Vacation was exactly what I needed. I'm used to making, potentially, life threatening decisions all day, every day; so it was a nice change of pace when my biggest "this or that" was trying to decide if I should go to the beach or the pool.... and then when I decide that.... should I get water before I head out or should I have the beach/pool server bring it to me? Yes, it was that kind of vacation.

-sleeping through the night
-not watching PBS Kids or Nick Jr for 5 days straight..... I did pass an episode of Olivia whilst channel surfing and was tempted to see what episode it was.... I resisted.
-movie going
-amazing beach home ogling
-uninterrupted conversating

It was more than nice. It was luxury.

Now to switch gears and get ready for another year of preschool, ballet class, and my beloved routine.

Which reminds me... how are we all doing with the challenge I threw down? I must admit, the 116 degree temperatures left me with little motivation to wear something more than my work out "costume".... I say "costume" because you know I was not out there pushing my jogger around in those conditions.

Glad to be back in your view. Hope you are enjoying, and soaking up, the end of summer!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Running With It

I'm not quite "brain dead" but most definitely brain tired. I'm not sure if it's the frequent trips to our local airport security check points, or the cold that peanut caught somewhere between here and Texas. Could it be the crazy extra hours my husband is working to insure a stress free (upcoming) vacation? Maybe the constant/chronic condition that we are all living with? Or the 115 degree temps outside my door? Whatever the reason... Honesty 2011: I am emotionally, physically, and mentally tired..... and ready for a re-fuel.

Thanks to my husbands family we are truly getting away.

Thank you C for providing home, safety, love, food, and care for the greatest little gifts I have come to know. (send pictures often) Thank you W for providing friendship, dog food, water, yard, and couch time for our beloved animal. Thank you M, CBP, S, and E for sharing your loved ones (and for some of you, your home) with us and allowing us to take 5 days away from it all.

I can not believe we are leaving our kids and animal. I will be a basket case on the drive home after leaving them at grandmother's, but everyone... Including parents of diabetics... tells me I need to take a break.

I'm running with it.


Have a great weekend.