Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Uninterrupted Luxury

We had a great vacation and are now home for a bit. Vacation was exactly what I needed. I'm used to making, potentially, life threatening decisions all day, every day; so it was a nice change of pace when my biggest "this or that" was trying to decide if I should go to the beach or the pool.... and then when I decide that.... should I get water before I head out or should I have the beach/pool server bring it to me? Yes, it was that kind of vacation.

-sleeping through the night
-not watching PBS Kids or Nick Jr for 5 days straight..... I did pass an episode of Olivia whilst channel surfing and was tempted to see what episode it was.... I resisted.
-movie going
-amazing beach home ogling
-uninterrupted conversating

It was more than nice. It was luxury.

Now to switch gears and get ready for another year of preschool, ballet class, and my beloved routine.

Which reminds me... how are we all doing with the challenge I threw down? I must admit, the 116 degree temperatures left me with little motivation to wear something more than my work out "costume".... I say "costume" because you know I was not out there pushing my jogger around in those conditions.

Glad to be back in your view. Hope you are enjoying, and soaking up, the end of summer!

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