Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Tricky Treats?

I don't particularly love Halloween.

scary things
costume idea changes almost daily

However, Bug is overjoyed about trick-or-treating and could not be more excited about all things Halloween; pumpkins, costumes, witches, ghosts, pumpkins, parties, and even candy.  So, with that in mind.... I am jumping on her excitement train and this evening I will be taking Snow White and her Apple to brave the elements.

Everywhere we go there is talk of candy and trick-or-treat and sugar, etc.  Bug even plays pretend "trick-or-treat" when we are at home, away from the worldly candy pressures.  Needless to say, as she gets older I have learned I have to have a plan of action before heading into situations like this.

Even at a birthday party, recently, I was at war with the yummy options at the food table as the other kids filled their plates with one of each.  I hadn't had a plan and was about to have a knock-down-drawn-out fit on my hands.  Thankfully she settled for "you can have one sip of milkshake, half a cookie, and take home a cake pop". I know I won't be able to get away with that very long.  But I don't have to enter the war room just yet; for today I can relish in her naivete as she truly believed me today when I told her "ew, that's bubble gum.... you do not like that stuff!"

We will not be trick-or-treating long, but some friends of ours have offered to stock their candy pile with Bug friendly things, so we will be heading to their block for a bit.  The fact that these friends thought to do this before I even thought there was a need, brought tiny happy tears to my eyes.  After visiting friends, we will head to my husband's parents' house for some more diabetic friendly treating.  Then tomorrow we can begin our conversations about Thanksgiving and how Mommy is so thankful the Halloween Candy Battle 2011 is over.

I'm going to post a list below of candies and their carbohydrates for those interested, thanks to the JDRF website.  And for those interested in bringing sugar free cheer here are a few ideas:

any of the plastic Halloween jewelry
Halloween tattoos
Clementine Oranges or other fun little fruits
100 Calorie Packs
little bags of popcorn
and the list goes on.... but those are my top 8

Se la vie. She is excited.  And as I watch her face light up as she wishes everyone she sees "Happy Halloween!", I can only feel blessed by my little ball of excitement and joy.  Her cup overflows..... and in turn, mine is filled just a bit more.

Happy Halloween.

Carbohydrate Values for Common Candies*

CandySize/PackageCarbs (g)
3 Musketeers16 gram fun-sized bar12g
3 Musketeers2.13 oz bar46g
Baby Ruth2 oz. bar37g
Baby Ruth1 fun size17g
Blow Pop suckerOne sucker13g
Butterfinger2 oz. bar41g
Butterfinger22 gram-fun sized bar15g
Candy corn15 pieces15g
Dum Dum suckersOne sucker5g
Gummy Bears11 pieces30g
Heath Bar1.4 oz. bar25g
Hershey's Almond3 minis15g
Hershey's Almond1.45oz. bar20g
Hershey's Kisses6 pieces16g
Hershey's Milk Chocolate barsnack size10g
Jolly Rancher1 piece6g
Kit Kat bar3 piece bar10g
KitKat1.5 oz. package26g
Licorice3 6-inch Twizzlers15g
M&M's"Halloween" mini box10g
M&M's, plainmini pack15g
M&M's, plain1.69 oz bag34g
M&M's, peanutmini pack13g
M&M's, peanut1.74 oz bag30g
M&M's, peanut butter1.69 oz bag27g
Milky Way2.15 oz bar43g
Milky Wayfun-sized bar14g
Nestle's Cruch1.5 oz28g
Nestle's Crunch4 mini bars26g
Reese's Cups2 regular-sized 1 oz cups18g
Reese's mini cups4 1-oz mini cups16g
Skittles15 pieces15g
Skittlesmini pack17.5g
Snicker'sfun size12g
Snickers2.07 oz. bar36g
Snickers20-gram fun-sized bar12g
Starburst4 pieces16g
Sweet Tartsmini packs - 5 packs13g
Tootsie Pop1 pop16g
Tootsie Roll midgets1230g
Tootsie Rolls2 bars23g
Twix2 2-oz. cookies37g
Whoopers8 Pieces15g
Whoppers1 small pouch16g
Wonka Pixie StixEach (about 6 in. in length)2g

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