Friday, November 11, 2011

Be Aware

I come bearing a lot of excuses for my lack of communication lately, but I will spare you the over-share and welcome myself back into your view... With a slightly boring post.

November is diabetes awareness month, but since I make it a point to make you aware of diabetes on a regular basis, I promise not to overwhelm anyone with facts or least not all at one time.

I retain knowledge much better when I have a visual to which I can attach my thoughts. With that In mind, I have found a few pictures that I feel will bring about more "awareness" on the subject of diabetes; more specifically, type 1 diabetes. The pictures are pretty self explanatory, so there will be no captions.

On a slightly different note; November 14th is world diabetes day. Don't bother checking your calendar, it is not a holiday, yet. There will be a live webcast at 3:30pm ET discussing the new developments with the artificial pancreas. I will discuss this in more detail later, but just know that it's an exciting time for type 1 diabetes research.

That's all the awareness I'm going to bring about today.

Have a great weekend.

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