Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Be Thankful, You Turkey!

I figured I would join the masses of people in social networking world and air my thankfulness. Straight to business.

I am thankful for my husband.
Saturday was my husband's 30th birthday and we celebrated in a big way. Four of my friends and I planned this party for our husbands who have been friends for about 10 years (15 for a few of them). We had a big time with tons of friends and family and my feet have finally recovered from the 7 hours of fabulous shoes I wore that night. It was the greatest birthday present I could have given, the husband, daddy, provider, protector, leader, and comedian our little family has come to know and love.

I am thankful for perspective.
Last week I helped plan an event for about 250 women in my Bible study. Our guest speaker is Mother to 19 children and has the 20th on the way. I've been thinking about her all week as little frustrations pop up..... Laundry, meal times, grocery shopping. I was frustrated as I folded laundry yesterday and remembered, "she does this for 20 people every week, there are only 4 of us, one of which wears scrubs every day.... I think I can handle this."

I am thankful for Joy at the appointment desk.
Last week amongst the craziness of event planning, I managed to schedule 2 doctor appointments and a dentist appointment. It should come as no surprise that I missed my dentist appointment all together, and then remembered Bug's endocrine appointment 5 minutes AFTER it started. I was very thankful for Joy, the receptionist at "appointments". She laughed at my excuse...."Joy! Hi. My daughter had an appointment 5 minutes ago, but she won't be there because she is currently enjoying circle time and centers.". After a few minutes of small talk, we had an appointment for the next morning. All went well, as Bug amazed me with her poise, watching Ronald from the lab draw blood from her tiny arm, sticking her with a huge needle and filling two big tubes. She sat as still as a statue and took deep breaths. When it was over she reminded us that she was brave ("I am so brave Mommy.") and ready to get stickers and leave. When we left she requested new lip gloss and chick fill a, and life was good again.

I am thankful for my eaters.
Bug and Peanut love to eat. There is not much that Bug will turn down and I have to go to the grocery 3 times a week to keep us in fruit for Peanut. I have the hardest time grocery shopping with them because as soon as I pick something up to put it in the cart they both want to eat it right away. Great problem to have, but I've said it before, and I'll say it again; Hide the bananas!

I am thankful for 2 a.m.
We check Bug's blood sugar every night at 2 a.m. I have grown strangely fond of this ritual. It eases my mind to know what her numbers are and to see her soundly sleeping in her bed. My husband and I have also had some great conversations surrounding the 2 o'clock hour.
Me: "my alarm went off, it's your turn to do blood sugar."
Husband: "yeah, I got it. I'm up."
10 minutes pass......
Me: "are you getting up? Blood sugar?"
H: "I am UP! I got it!"
10 minutes.........
Me: "ok....are you going to check sugar or not?..."
H: "I'll do it! Just get me some BLOOD!"

Very convincing and very much still asleep, he didn't remember that exchange the next day.

Lastly, I am thankful for my big huge vehicle.
We are loading up the car in the (early) morning with kids, dog, adults, and stuff and going to spend the holiday with my family in Texas. I had my first "we are moving to a different state in 6 months" meltdown last night, so concentrated family togetherness could not come at a better time! We are runny nose free and ready to be thankful.

Now off to be thankful for a Disney movie, so I can pack and clean this house before thanksgiving travels 2011!

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