Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Love the One You're With

In a few hours, the girls and I are headed west.  To west Texas, to be exact.

We are joining my dad's side of the family in celebrating the birth of his mother on her 90th birthday!  My aunts, uncles, cousins, and cousins' families are all gearing up for an entire weekend of celebrating.  There is never any shortage of laughter or late nights.... sometimes accompanied by dancing and dress up from Aunt Mary's closet.  We, cousins, are spread out; in age, interest, home, and profession.... but we all have one lovely lady in common.  Our Nanie/Nannie.

*I recently (last night) discovered I am THE only one to spell her name with one 'n' in the middle, but as I said last night, I have been spelling it that way for as long as I can remember.... so for the sake of simplicity, today in this post, she will be known as Nanie. (which by the way, my computer is trying to auto correct)*

My Nanie is glamourous, strong, confident, God fearing, loving, classy, comforting, smart, hilarious, beautiful, and everything I hope to be as I grow and raise a family of my own.  I can think of no better way to honor her, than to go to her home and surround her with love and togetherness.

I am a middle cousin.  If you are middle cousin, you know that you were too little to play with the big kids, but "too cool" to play with the little kids.... because you were always trying to act "cool" so the big kids would let you trade stickers with them.  Now as an adult middle cousin, have realized that I actually happen to like all of my cousins and the people that they married, even the children that have produced.  I am proud to say, I have a hard time relating to anyone with family/holiday/etc drama.

I know there are people that dread family time, but I can only value it.  Although we may not see each other often or keep up with each other very well.... we have come from the same place, we share some of the same genes, personality traits, and values, and we are family.

Have a great weekend

To see how we have been gearing up for this weekend and honoring Nanie/Nannie, look HERE.

*the lovely people in the photo are (from left to right) My Granddaddy Jimmy, Memaw, Nanie, and Granddady Thronton, at my parents' rehearsal dinner.*

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