Friday, December 16, 2011

When What to My Wondering Eyes...

Between our travels and our traditions it has been hard to find time to visit this place of thought logging, but today I have a small window to share a few small thoughts.

If you have had an encounter with Bug, you know that she loves to share what's on her mind.  I must admit that at times her "think out loud" thought process has driven me crazy, however at Christmas time it is quite the opposite.

She is so in awe of all things Christmas.  From the birth of Jesus, to Santa coming down the chimney.... it is all Christmas, all the time:

-Every star in the sky is "the bright star from the Heavens, Mommy!"
-She wraps up her sister in "swaddling clothes" and sings Away in a Manger to her.... With a slight lyric change: "Away in a Manger, no crib for YOUR bed"
-The blue Cinderella dress is now worn to play "Activity (nativity) Scene"... I usually have to be the shepherd.
-We write a new letter for Santa almost daily
-Daily there is a request to "ask Daddy to go buy us a chimney", in fear that Santa will skip us
-Constant.... CONSTANT caroling.... her playlist: Jingle Bells, Away in a Manger, Santa Clause is Coming to Town, Go Tell it on the Mountain, and songs she makes up as she goes along; usually on the subject of Jesus, Christmas Trees, Santa, or Mary and Joseph (sometimes all in one song) *each song ending with a big finish; which is just doing a curtsey while singing the last line of the song again very slowly.
-She wants to wear Christmas dresses every day

and my favorite
-She will look at one of us randomly and, with a huge smile, say, "Merry Christmas! I love you!" followed by a huge hug..... which Peanut usually wiggles free of.

I have been so impressed by her heart and mind these past few weeks.  Since we started talking about baby Jesus and why he came to Earth, there have been some very interesting conversations.  We have been telling her about Jesus and his birth and sacrifice since she was a tiny baby, always hoping that something would sink in.  The other day my 3 year old looked at me and said, "Mom, Jesus came to Earth as a baby and then grew up to save us from our sin."  Then she proceeded to tell me what sin was and that it makes us unhappy.  Then "Baby Jesus" came back into the room, dragging swaddling clothes behind her and Bug began to direct us all.  She sang to Peanut and spun around the room in her Cinderella/Mary dress, leaving trails of glitter and excitement with every step.

I hope you are finding the Miracle of Christmas as exciting as we are this year.  May the next few weeks be filled with joy, love, glitter, and a big finish!

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