Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Penny for Her Thoughts?

As can be deduced by my lack of blogging I have been preoccupied.  Said preoccupation can be blamed on any number of things.... however, I mostly blame Pinterest.

It has been a month since I blogged last.  I was reviewing my posts and realized it has been a bit heavy around here lately.  "I'm too busy" "I didn't like the new doctor"  Woe is poor lil ol me!

I was going to share about my most recent battle with the stomach bug....
-both girls got sick
-2 hour plane flight in the midst of it all
-so much laundry and sanitizing
-hand washing
-blood sugar and Ketone dramas
-extremely helpful parents

That just about sums it up and saves us all from the details that I am so desperately trying to forget.

Instead, I bring you drama of a different flavor.  My 4 year old, Bug, is a walking after school special.  She is constantly pretending something and verbalizes everything.  I've mentioned before that she's like a modern day Shirley Temple, but with straighter hair.  She can be quoted as saying, "Gosh, Mom!  I really am glad you fixed me meatloaf and brussel sprouts for dinner tonight.  It's too bad my sister won't eat hers!"  Seriously.  If only she would wink, and pause for a dramatic close up!

She does have her moments of grouchiness and defiance; which she will of course inform you of, "I'm grouchy because I didn't get what I want." OR "Look at me.  I'm not doing what you told me to do, Mom."  But those moments are rare.  She reminds me to check her blood sugar, asks if she can go take a nap, and has stood next to me while we watch Peanut throw a fit and said, "It's ok, Mom.  She'll quit eventually if we just ignore her."  At this point I'm starting to think she could babysit her sister and run into the grocery store for me to get bananas.  I would never!  But don't think I haven't thought about it.

One of my favorite recent moments:

We were on the soccer field during a game and I kept having to ask her to quit playing in the net.  Of course she informed me that the goal made a really great pirate ship and she was just playing pirates; I should have guessed.
We had just seen Mulan and Bug was so impressed that Mulan was so fast and tough, so I told her to just pretend to be Mulan on the soccer field and run fast and get the ball from the bad guys: The Green Dragons.  Two minutes later she was running as fast as she could and she looked over at me and yelled across the field, "LOOK AT ME MOM!  I'M PRETENDING TO BE MULAN! I'M SUPER FAST!"  She was right, that is the fastest she has run, to date.

She says things in such a way that you want to believe her every time; even when you know it's not true or right.  The past few months she will use a word we've never heard before and she will then turn to us and say, "that just means....." and give us the definition she has made up.  So matter of fact.

Here is a running list I've been keeping of her "homemade definitions".  I did my best on the spellings; they are mostly phonetic.

"Sploosh": To stop playing soccer when there are too many people trying to get the ball at one time
"Underrate": Beating someone, like winning the game, with your sound
"Fink-all": Getting in a fight
"Burkle": A collection of something
"Jimleff": Someone who ties an old jump rope to a dog leash and swings it like a lasso
"Desetiss": Great
"Scineray": A small part of a picture that you draw
"Bloulce": One B, two L's.... A little scary but also fun, like dressing up for Halloween
"Meaning Time": The time when you kiss during a wedding, right before you go eat.
And my all time favorite
"The Believe Fairy": I will become the Believe Fairy and go to see people while they are asleep and I will make them believe in Jesus.

The last one had good intentions and of course resulted in a 30 minute conversation about why we can't just make people believe in Jesus.

Her brain is constant and I am doing my best to keep up; fielding questions like "what does the word "almost" mean?" and "will I be able to open my eyes when I'm in Heaven?"  I would say, "what will she think of next?"  But quite honestly, I'm not sure I'm brave enough to ask!

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