Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Places Everyone

Bug is celebration obsessed.

New snack foods... doesn't take much.

Lately we have begun Advent, so we are on Christmas Story hyperdrive.

As I type she is walking around with a baby doll tucked under her Snow White dress, acting out every Christmas song that comes on Pandora, and pretending to be "Mary, the mother of Jesus."

She has been telling me about a party they will be having at Sunday School, the week before Christmas.
There has been a lot of hype surrounding the event; announcements in the church program, reminders to the kids every Sunday.... they were not going to get this celebration past her.  Apparently there was going to be a "real live baby dressed up as Baby Jesus" and it was going to be Baby Jesus' birthday party.  Three of her favorite things: babies, dress up, and birthdays.

Imagine the surprise when I told her that we were not going to be in town for Baby Jesus' birthday party:

ME: Well, we won't be in town then.  We are going to be visiting our family and meeting our new baby cousin that weekend.
Bug: (*instant tears*) WHAT?! NOOOOOOO!  There was going to be a REAL BABY there dressed as Baby Jesus!  MOM!!!!!
ME: (*really trying not to laugh*) But we are going to be with all your aunts and uncles and the new babies and your grandparents?!  Won't that be fun?
Bug: NO!  There won't be a baby dressed as Baby Jesus! UGHHHHHHH.
ME: Can we just pretend that our new baby cousin is Baby Jesus?
Bug: (*eyes wide, tears to a halt, gears turning*) Well..... Ok.  We can pretend she is Baby Jesus, her mommy and daddy will be Mary and Joseph, Daddy, and Aunt Mimi and Uncle Ben are Wise Men......

She went on describing the scene, and how she is going to decorate, and what she is going to wear.  The whole time all I can do is picture my husband's family dressed up; including pets, awaiting their instructions on their Nativity roles, given with much authority from the 4 year old wearing angel wings and barking orders.  Not daring to break for a sip of coffee for fear of the tiny finger wag and eye roll

All that to say: Family, you have been warned.  We are all in this together.  I will try my best to derail the entertainment express, but come bearing patience and a sense of humor.... just in case I'm unsuccessful.

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