Thursday, June 13, 2013

That's a Wrap.

*side note: clearly I am experiencing blog design block/frustration/ignorance.... it's on my list of "to do's" but for today....

That's a wrap.  Actually that's a wrap it up, put it in a box, seal it with tape and a very detailed list of the contents.

We are moving.  Again.  Everything in our house is now boxed and stacked and smells very dusty and cardboardy.  I wake up at 3 a.m. and stress about things like "what do you do with WD-40 when you move?  I can't pack that in a box.... do I leave it?  It's a full can!  I'll just leave it for the next renter, the doors here are squeaky in the Winter."

We are in "clean out the fridge and pantry" phase and I am trying my BEST to avoid another grocery store trip before we leave.  Last night even Bug noticed our food scarcities when she started crying, "Mom! We are running out of FOOD!!!"  It's gotten to the point of being able to see the back of the fridge and the shelves of the pantry are close to bare.  I have rationed the kids' food and planned their meals for the next few days, although I'm sure they will still have multiple drive thru meals before all is said and done.  We have plenty of apple juice, cheerios, milk, and red wine... safe to say, we will all survive.

Putting a bow on this year has been an interesting process.  Finishing a year of ballet, a year of tiny person pre-school, a year of home school (praise the LORD.... that was harder than I anticipated), and saying goodbye to the few friends we have made and enjoyed.

My husband is finishing up his last week of work, which will most likely prove to be a very anti-climactic event.  It's his final graduation!  He has been through four years of med school, 5 years of residency, and now one year of a Fellowship.... that's 10 years people.  TEN.  Ten years of studying, reading, learning, NOT sleeping enough, working late, working early, dealing with academic medicine politics, and over all.... he has finished and finished very well.

He has risen above all the drama, the late nights, early mornings, the uncertainty of what comes next, the good cases and the lost cases, coming home to screaming children and ragged wife after a long day of saving lives.  I continue to be amazed by his work ethic, patience,  and humility as he has earned the respect and won the hearts of (almost) every patient and co-worker, while still reserving enough energy to break up a fight, cook dinner, and get the tangles out after bath.  To say I am proud of him would be understating an understatement.  He is our very own super hero and we will never cease to be amazed by him as he leads our little family here and there and everywhere.

Our little family has grown up a little bit.  When we moved in here we had a baby in a baby crib with a passy and diapers.  We had an almost 4 year old who chose only to wear smocked dresses or dress up clothes.  Now we are potty trained, passy free, conversation having people, and we have an almost 5 year old who can CHECK HER OWN BLOOD SUGAR (huge accomplishment).  And she tried on her new school uniform for Kindergarten yesterday and said it was "totally awesome."

They have gone from toddlers to actual people that you can sit and have lunch with and they will wipe their own face.  They tell jokes and stories and dress themselves.  I have so loved watching my girls become best friends.  They play together all day and love each other very well.  Aside from the occasional fight over who is going to turn off the T.V. or wash their hands first; they always end it with a hug and an "I love you sister".  I am beyond grateful that they have each other.

With the growing and the changing always comes growing pains.  This year we have run through every emotion possible: joy, sadness, loneliness, frustration, anger, uncertainty, thankfulness, gratefulness, and so many many more.  Each one met with prayer, some tears, and almost always (thanks to my husband and my children) laughter.

We are more of a family than we ever have been.  We are a team and this year we have proved it.  We have lived, traveled, eaten, played, and cleaned up together exceptionally well this year.  It has been a really hard year for us in limbo and in waiting for the next step, but it has been so great to get to know my family and myself in ways only made possible by our lack of a comfort zone.

Our parents helped us get here and move into this house and when my parents left I stood on the front porch, crying and hugging my daddy.  He said, "Aren't you excited about the adventure?!  It's going to be great!"  Of course I cried more and said, "NO!"  And then we both laughed.

Now we are days away from moving out of and leaving this house on our own.  Just our little team.  The movers will come and take our things away and we will load up in our giant vehicle with our animal and our people.  As we drive across the country, back to my beloved Central Time Zone, we will remember the adventures that we didn't know we wanted, and in my case I didn't know I needed.

Farewell to the "First in Flight" state, we will miss your seasons, your beaches, and your mountains.  We will miss your people and your restaurants.  And we thank you for your hospitality.  This has been the perfect place for all of us to do a little bit of growing up and we will be forever grateful for our little side step over to the east coast.

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  1. wonderful bow. ready to share the same city again!!