Sunday, February 26, 2012

What a Difference a Day.... or a Month Makes

Since I posted last a number of things have gone on surrounding our little family.

We are weeks from moving out of our adorable house with the yellow door and white picket fence.  It took all of 10 days (and three separate visits I might add) for someone else to decide that there was a shared love for this little dwelling.  We haven't closed and handed over keys just yet, so I don't like to say that we have "sold" it.... but rather, we are in a very serious relationship: past the point of dating, bought the rings, but haven't quite said our vows and made the full commitment.  We have, however, been given the go ahead from our realtor that it is safe to pack it up.  (*Entire blog post dedicated to "how to sell your house and pack it up in one month while you have two small and busy children running everywhere" coming soon)  All that to say, we are moving out and across town to a lovely "apartment" on the second level of my in-laws house.  Our complex comes complete with lovely people that will babysit for free, a playground, and a swimming pool next door.  Needless to say, I am ecstatic about our 3 month stint in between homes.

My children have cycled through a number of colds.  This is not surprising but it has kept us home from church and bible study, and it has moved Kleenex and Lysol to the top of the grocery list.  Boring, but for the sake of full disclosure, it's something I've "been up to" lately.

I celebrated my birthday as long as I possibly could.  My parents came to town the weekend before my birthday and treated me to food, shopping, and the U-HAUL store which came at the perfect time, as I had been feeling anxious about leaving and moving away from familiarity.  Then on my actual birthday, I went through our usual Wednesday motions, except for ballet class; it was raining, so I let Bug watch a movie and eat (*100 calorie/low carb) popcorn instead.  My husband took me to get sushi for dinner, to a place we have kept sacred and safe from our food slinging, Wet One requiring crew.  We ate entirely too much and came home to watch reality TV: American Idol to be specific.... very much a guilty pleasure of mine.  The following weekend, I was treated to a night out with about 20 of my favorite people.  Everyone was wearing sequins and my husband surprised us with a huge Escalade Limo situation that drove us all over town and provided an endless amount of opportunities for "songs from college sing-a-longs".  It was truly the greatest birthday I've celebrated to date.  A huge big 30 year old hug to everyone that made it all possible!

The Sunday after my birthday, one of my favorite people finally made it home.  She was glamorous, loving, hilarious, hospitable, faithful, tough, smart, and comforting; all the while carrying the perfect handbag.  She was so much more than just kind words, she was also my grandmother, and the matriarch or our family.  If you remember, in December we were able to celebrate her on her 90th birthday.  I am so very thankful for the time we were all able to have with her and that we will all be able to remember her in her fabulous silver suit and heels, surrounded by almost all of her great grandchildren as she blew out the candles on her birthday cake and toasted champagne.

As I flew home, still dressed in my go-to, albeit adorable, black dress for funerals, I realized that for the first time in a long time I felt braver somehow about entering the Kingdom of Heaven.  I've never been afraid of dying, because I am confident in my final destination, but I've always thought about it as if I were a 5 year old going over to a new friend's house for a play date.  Nervous to walk up to the door by myself and meet new people, but thankful that my mom would walk with me to ring the doorbell.  It suddenly seems less intimidating to be greeted by Saint Peter at the gates of Heaven, because I know my Nanie will be right behind him with open arms, a huge smile, and a "welcome home, Honey!" followed by a little giggle and a big squeeze.  I just hope they let her wear the same perfume, she always smelled so good.

She will be missed, but fondly remembered every day.

We are ready to take on March and the allergies that come with Spring, as we pack our lives into categorized boxes and prepare for a move and a time of uncertainty.

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