Thursday, July 5, 2012



We are here!  At our next temporary location.

We arrived two weeks ago (after a dramatic move both in the air and on the road), safely here to our lovely little rent house.  After three months of blog vacation.... with a few cheats to catch up on some friends' blogs.... I feel more like myself.  At least, I feel more like the self I have always hoped to be.  My focus has been shifted; less on self and approval (although still a daily struggle) more on my God, my family, and my legacy.

My kids have given me THE hardest time in EVERY realm possible (sleeping, respect, eating, obedience, etc) since we left our tiny house three months ago, but through our struggles with each other I have seen just how much we need each other.  God made me a parent to these two crazy kids because I am called to raise them and guide them as he guides and gives me wisdom on the subject.  I know there will be other callings in life, but today in this stage of life, it's all about our little family of four.

My husband always reminds me to not let other peoples plans and thoughts dictate how we run our family, and being here away from all our people, maybe, hopefully, it will be easier to get into that habit.

I hope this doesn't come across selfish or self righteous... (same thing?).... but the reality is; we lost our sense of family somewhere in the last year, and already after two weeks, it's back.  I'm sad we had to move "two days driving distance" away for us to find it, but I'm thankful all in the same breath.

Glad to be back.


  1. You're back! Yay!!! I have been waiting for my favorite blogger to return :)

  2. :) We definitely found our identity as a family of four during our "away from Arkansas" time. Being back I can tell I'm clinging to that identity because I know it's easy to loose. Glad you're back though…and can I say we didn't have a Container Store in CT and I now understand why you speak so highly of it!