Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun Friday Find: F is for......

Happy Fall, Faithful Followers!

F is for....

Fall!  I absolutely adore all things Summer.  Heat, clothing, slower pace, no school, vacations, etc etc, and so on.  Many of you know that I have a hard time with change.... daylight savings, new neighbors, new t.v. shows... you name it.   However, when it comes to fashion... I can handle it.  When the cooler temperatures started rolling into our neighborhood a short while ago, I stood at my closet door realizing (as I do with every seasonal change) that I had forgotten how to dress in anything other than sun dresses and tank tops.  After revisiting the cardigan, jeans, boots, and long skirts/dresses department of my life I decided that I would be ok with the weatherman using the words "much cooler" and "55 degrees!"  Winter will be another topic and therapy session entirely.

Just for today, I will enjoy the word Fall and think on these things:

-hot tea in the afternoon
-T.V. shows returning

F is also for....

Friends!  I had dinner last night with some lovely ladies who happen to all have babies and we had a fabulous time.  I got to spend time with some of my favorite people that I do not get to see very often, and I met a new friend.... whom, I am proud to say, also wipes down the tables and high chairs in restaurants; the beginning of a beautiful friendship, I believe.

This was one of those dinners that should have started at 3 in the afternoon.  After 4 hours of talking, laughing, crying due to laughing, we had to call it a night.... only because the hour of 11 p.m. was rapidly approaching and not because we had run out of material.  We were celebrating a dear friend expecting her first baby and we were giving her all the advice we could possibly think of.  All welcomed by the guest of honor... we made sure to ask every 20 minutes, "are we freaking you out?! you're going to be fine!  ok... what's next....."  She seemed to be picking up what we were throwing down, so we continued.

This was not your average "you're having a baby, so we got you a nice stroller!!" type of deal.  There was:
a spreadsheet
printed out questions
note taking
a box filled with invaluable things like battery operated nasal aspirators, hand sanitizer, and a sound machine, among other "I can't live without...." types of things
a few bottles of wine
every bit of the table settings from the new Missoni for Target line

It did not take us long to realize how incredibly wise and amazing we all were and that with our brains and experience put together, we should quickly get on the phone about a book deal.  The title is still in the works, but I'm hopeful that we'll be hearing from Missoni about wanting to jump on board after they hear about it.

Lastly, F is for...

Family!  My parents are coming to town this weekend to see us and celebrate Peanut's birthday, and also witness her dedication at our church on Sunday.  (for those who are more familiar with an infant baptism; a baby dedication is mostly for me and my husband as parents.... publicly dedicating ourselves to our child and that we will raise her in a Christian home, with the help of our families, friends, and church family.)

We are all so excited to see our Pop and Susu!  There will be farmers marketing, shopping, golfing, eating, churching, and there will be cake.

Have a great weekend!

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