Friday, July 1, 2011

Fun Friday Find: Vacation

I had this great post planned for today..... Complete with pictures, witty comments, and medical supply travel organization tips..... But....

My lovely husband took the laptop to work today and It will take me entirely too long to type it all out on the iPad and I don't know how to add pictures.....I know, I'm clueless. However I will leave you with a few thoughts.

We are headed to the land of snow capped mountains, 75 degree temperatures (in the afternoon, rather than at 4 a.m.), good food, and fun family. This place is called: vacation. My amazing mother in law is keeping the girls all day so I can pack for 4 humans, one of which requires needles, refrigerated medicine, apple jiuce, snacks, and plenty of entertainment. Organization will be the name of the game today!

We leave the 100 dgree temps and our house tomorrow morning for a marathon day of traveling and airport touring, but at the end of the day we will be sleeping in our cozy beds, knowing that breakfast will be served with a side of 50 degrees and a sweatshirt.

I will be vacationing from life here at home and life in blog world, so I'll return some time after July 9th with a brief trip overview and fill you in on all the things I forgot to pack... There's always something. Also, I have an alarm system and nosey neighbors with firearms, so if you are thinking about breaking in... You've been warned.

Have a great weekend and fabulous 4th of July!

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