Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mountains, Wildlife, and Security Checks..... Vacation.

We are back! We have actually been home for a few days but have been recovering from the shock of having to return home from our amazing vacation with my family; see photo above to understand why. It was an amazing trip and I could go on for D-A-Y-S about how I love the place, but I will spare you an entire overview and leave you with, you guessed it, a list:

-spotted wildlife
-wore fleeces
-dealt with blood sugar dramas while trying to vacation
-drank good wine
-did not sweat
-national park-ed
and lastly...
-went through security twice

I want to address that last point; "we went through security twice". I have actually flown with Bug quite a bit in her 3 years of life, and have almost mastered the security check routine.

Unloading our mobile lives into the little gray bins, removing shoes and jewelry, and telling the person behind us to go on ahead. I feel like I should wear a jacket similar to the one the FBI agents wear with the giant yellow letters.... except mine would read "save your annoyed huffs and puffs and go ahead and pass us". Eliminating the 'turn-around-and-smile-and-apologize move' would save me some frustration, brain power, and time. If there is one thing I've learned through my air travel with children: do not let anyone rush you.... this is how things get broken, left, dirty, germ-ed....

Our little family of four uses about 8 bins. That is possible. There are two bins dedicated to diabetes: glucometer, extra site change supplies (in case there is some pump issue while traveling), insulin, snacks, apple juice, doctor's note saying "she's allowed to travel with needles and liquids and if you bother her about it she will sue you". I paraphrased a bit, and I have been hassled before (guy dumping out my apple juice in front of me because he "needed to be sure it was apple juice") and have yet to sue anyone over it.... but catch me on a bad day and..... ?

The other six bins are filled with all other things parents need for traveling with two kids under 3 to insure a happy day of travel; iPad, toys, stuffed animals, snacks, baby food, bottles, and so on and so on.....

Then we come to the "little door", as we call it. I have been advised by doctors and websites to not put Bug's insulin pump through the "x-ray tunnel thing", so she keeps it on through the metal detector. The pump "should not set off the alarm"...... but it does. Here is how it all goes down.....

me: (lifting up her shirt or dress to show the man/woman on the other side) "she wears an insulin pump and it usually sets off the alarm"
him/her: "uh......... (looking around like this should be someone else's problem)..... ok, well come on through then" (eye roll)

Bug walks through. Alarm goes off. All the TSA people look annoyed that they have to search a little girl.... a lot of eye rolling and responsibility passing. I follow through and into the Plexiglas castle trying not to touch her. (if I were to touch her I would have to be searched too) At one of the searches, the lady took the pump out of the case and PUSHED A BUTTON.... hello heart attack. I gave her a stern throat clearing and a "please don't push any buttons" with a forced smile. Then she shoved it back into the SPI belt, tubing twisted and mangled. *breathe* After the search (which used to bring tears and anxiety for Bug, but not anymore) we repack our lives and finally start our trip.

Tired yet? I actually gave you the "reader's digest" version. And I won't even get into the actual flights/nap attempts/airport layovers/running though the airport to catch flights with two small children; you get the idea.

I know I don't need as much stuff as I bring with me, but I want to be prepared for whatever it is the day wants to throw at me.

Glad to be home and settled, and to those of you that did.... thanks for missing us.


  1. I feel bad for ever complaining about my experience going through security in Destin. You are supermom! Glad y'all had a great trip, and glad you are home!

  2. Whew! Don't you feel like you deserve a reward?! I'm traveling with mine alone in a few weeks to meet my parents. So annoying! Do y'all carry your car seats? Physical impossibility with me manning 2 babies!

  3. You are way more patient than I am. I would have totally yelled at that lady pushing buttons on the pump. THE NERVE! By the way, the head honco of the TSA got reamed by Congress this week for the poor job they are doing IE patting down kiddos and old ladies in search of "dangerous goods" while at the same time letting actual harmful items pass thru security all the time. Hopefully with some reform, Bug's travel adventures (and yours) will get easier in the near future.