Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fun Friday Find (On a Thursday): Garage Sale Mania 2011

A few months before Peanut was born, I started to do the "I'm about to have a baby and need to make space for another human in our home" dance. After completely reorganizing every closet, cabinet, drawer, and pantry space, we were left with quite a bit of junk/stuff/treasure/money makers.... call it what you will. I despise clutter so looking at the stuff grouped together in our basement my first thought was.... Goodwill now. However, my husband announced that we would be having a yard sale.

After 9 months of collecting items from hidden corners of our house and the homes of our extended family, we learned there were some friends (4 other families) in need of some money making and junk removal. I have never participated in a yard/garage sale, in fact, I have been to only one in my life. Needless to say I am feeling anxious and excited while dreading the early wake up call and fearing that no one will want what we are selling. I know... that's silly... SOMEONE is going to want the large collection of VHS tapes, complete with the entire Rocky series.... right? Maybe we should sell an actual VCR to go with, as incentive?

In all seriousness, we are selling some gems this weekend so if you are in the area and on the hunt for treasure, you want to be there so you can give us all your money and leave with some of our stuff. Because I love to list, here are a few things you will find this Friday or Saturday from 7-noonish:

four bar stools
adult clothes
kids clothes
30 wicker chargers; for the tiny plates, not the big ones like you are picturing
VHS tapes.... tons of them
a pleather jacket
a very large boom box.... with a tape player.
wine glasses
a Goofy hat... the character, not the adjective
trash can
fire screen
artwork.... not my own, I'm not that desperate yet
lamp shades
and my personal favorite: a bag of about 20 Acapella cassette tapes for $1, I'll throw these in for free if you buy the giant boom box!

There is so so so much more, but you'll just need to see it to believe it. (yes, Mom and Dad, I will take pictures)

If you are a treasure hunter, I hope you find a few fun finds this weekend.... and I REALLY hope you find the few that I will be selling.

Have a great weekend.

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