Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Little House Day

How big is your space? By space, I mean.... the place where you eat, sleep, live. Our home is very cozy. By cozy, I mean.... small. I have said before that it's fun to pretend our house is an apartment in New York City, or some other hustle and bustle type place, and it's actually a huge apartment that we got a great deal on because of rent control or whatever they call it. Then I look out the windows and see Azaleas and remember.....

Lately our house has seemed to get smaller and cozier as my children grow bigger and busier, and the temperatures get hotter and sweatier. We have stayed home all day in an attempt to get "on the potty train" as Bug says. I prayed this morning before I got out of bed as I usually do, but today my prayer was slightly edited. Most days, my prayers consist of..... "give me wisdom..... help me make the right decisions..... give me energy to keep up with the girls..... keep my mind clear and alert when dealing with diabetes mess...." and so on. Today it was, "please, make my house an enjoyable place today, and somehow, help me to love it's tininess" Blessing received. There have been the usual up's and down's; especially with Peanut pulling up and falling down almost constantly and the potty training successes and less than successes. But I have found joy in my tiny house in the following ways:

I cleaned the entire thing in one hour: floors, bathroom, laundry.... dusting will have to wait for the afternoon
I was able to race to the "potty train" with Bug, in the midst of feeding Peanut her lunch.... Bug, Peanut, spoon with baby food in it... all in hand.
I can cool my entire house while the thermostat is set on 77 degrees and the ceiling fans are going
My kids can play in one room and I can see them and all of their goings on while I make baby food in the kitchen
I get to use fun organizing tools from The Container Store (which should start paying me for all the advertising I'm doing on it's behalf) to keep our pantry, 5 drawers full of diabetes supplies, linen half closet, and over all life organized and accessible.
and lastly, I can see out my windows to both ends of my block and make sure there is nothing suspicious happening.

I could keep going but I fear it would not be very interesting.... to be honest. I hope that you are enjoying your space today, wherever it may be..... big or small, clean or messy, loud or quiet... find something about it that makes you smile. And when all else fails.... just pretend you're somewhere else.

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