Friday, June 17, 2011

Fun Friday Find: Your Father Figure

I know for a fact that I am a very lucky/blessed/honored girl because I have 3 amazing constant father figures in my life. There is my own father whom I have known and loved from the beginning of it all. My husband and the father of my children that has been my hero and life saver for the past 5 years. And my father in law who reminds me almost daily that I am doing a great job, my kids are amazing, and he is so pleased that I married his son. I'm feeling pretty great about myself after typing all of that!

Let us not forget, there is the obvious (at least for me) Heavenly Father who has a love for me that I will never comprehend.... but as I tell him every day.... I need Him every hour and I am eternally grateful that he has paved the road I am on. Continuing in this direction will lead to pages upon pages that will require tissue.... so I digress......

Seeing as how it is Father's Day this weekend.....

I have a father that knows me, loves me, supports me, and challenges me every day. When I was single I dated a few guys here and there, but the relationship usually ended with me realizing he wasn't perfect because he didn't:

balance my checkbook for me
open my doors
read the actual newspaper
watch my soccer games
work out every day
ask me to dance without actually knowing any steps... and making it up as he went along
work hard enough
go to law school
have a slight Texas accent
play golf
measure taller than 6 ft
go to church
read books
read THE book... The Bible
like musicals
call his mother frequently
tell me I was pretty all the time
make pancakes every Saturday morning
teach Sunday School

and the list goes on and on and on.......

After ending a few relationships in a row, my sister (wisely) said to me, "you know, you can't marry "Dad". " I think I said something like, "duh!"... but after I thought about it, that one little statement made it all a bit more clear. I was a Daddy's Girl and that was making it impossible for anyone else to measure up.

I tell my husband all the time how big a Dad is in the lives of his girls. Even at (almost) 3, Bug thinks he is an absolute super hero. She tells me almost every day that she: misses him, loves him, thinks he's handsome, thinks he is a "nice big boy", thinks he is Prince Charming, thinks he's funny, wants to marry a Prince just like him, etc etc etc. He is the love of her life, to date. Even Peanut has "got it bad". Just watching their faces light up when they see him, makes me fall in love with him and our family all over again. He is a constant, strong, and wise leader of our family and is every bit THE greatest father our girls could have. Oh, and he is hilarious.

I didn't marry "Dad", but I did marry someone who is more than a perfect match for me and who will make it nearly impossible for our girls to find someone that can measure up.

Remember your father figures this weekend, both earthly and Heavenly.

I love you, Daddy! I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. You are making me cry. What a special and very appropriate tribute to your Dad.

  2. Nate has so many similarities to my dad too! :-) I love that about him! :-) Great post