Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Easter Everythings

Good Morning! Now that the Easter Season is upon us, as adults we are thinking about sacrifices, miracles, and all things Resurrection. However, for my two year old, it's all things bunny, egg, and flower. Every egg is an Easter egg. Every basket is an Easter Egg Basket. Every bunny, an Easter Bunny. Even newly blooming flowers: Easter Flowers! In sticking with her theme, my mom has bought a couple of "Easter Bunny Snacks" to entertain our Easter fanatic during snack time. Upon meeting these new snack varieties, the first place I looked was the little white square on the box that now seems to rule a bit of our lives. Nutrition Facts. As a mother and personal chef for a little girl with diabetes, I now have a love/hate relationship with Nutrition Facts. I'm capitalizing those words because to me, Nutrition Facts is almost like another little person living in my house, and in my opinion it can be considered a proper noun. All of that to say, Nutrition Facts gave me some encouraging news about the Easter snacks and I want to share. Even if you don't count carbs at your house, you might benefit from this information.

My favorite new snack is made by Annie's Homegrown, the honey bunny grahams. These of course are now Easter Bunny cookies. Nutrition Facts really pulled through for me on this one: 30 cookies = 20 carbs! For those of you who don't speak 'carb count' that is really great! We usually aim for about 15 carbs for a snack, so in this case she can eat 15 cookies (10 carbs) and some fruit and that is a pretty big (and healthy) snack! To give you some perspective; a small cupcake without icing has 30 carbs, which is more carbs than she has for a meal, and is actually a lot for a little body (with or without diabetes) to handle. Needless to say, I was very happy with my friend Nutrition Facts this week. And of course I was happy with my grocery shopping mother who came home with these fun new surprises. She also came home with some Nestle Toll House Easter Buddies Sugar Cookies, which are E-A-S-Y to make and each cookie only has 7 carbs.... and, they are actually cute.

Possibly a boring post for non-carb counting parents, but a very exciting day for my little girl and her relationship with snack foods. I have many more exciting, low carb snack options, but I will not overwhelm you with all of them right now. For now enjoy your day. Take a note from my 2 year old and start using the word Easter as a prefix to every other word. It will make your every day tasks much more fun and pastel-ish.


  1. What kind of insulin is she on? I wasn't diagnosed until 5 and there weren't the options there are now.

  2. She's on novolog, and wears a pump. And I meant to tell you earlier, but I had no idea you had type 1! And yes, your mom is amazing for raising healthy you, but i know you were/are such an inspiration to her too!! Especially as a 5 year old!! :). Hope you are well!! Thanks for reading.