Tuesday, March 8, 2011


There were no postings yesterday because we were traveling and I was recovering from the traveling. My husband is away all week for work so the girls and I flew to my parents house yesterday morning. I must brag on my 2 year old and 5 month old.... they were absolutely perfect. The flight went so well, I feel like I've won some kind of award! I would like to thank "baby trend" for making the sit and stand stroller (that kept everyone strapped in and in place right up to the point of plane entry), and thanks to my mother for buying it. :) I would also like to thank the ipad, itunes, and Wonder Pets for the joint effort in entertaining my 2 year old in flight. And last, a huge thank you to my 5 month old for sleeping through most of the flight.

I will say, for those of you needing/wanting/thinking about flying with two children under the age of "independent".... I think it worked because I had help, and was very organized. I had a plan for the security check, a play by play for the plane ride, and a plan for curb side pick up/baggage claim. Not to mention my husband told me to "please ask anyone in a uniform for help if you need it!" For a little while I was considering making a list, almost like something I could cross off as I went along. (I am definitely one of those people that will write on my list "go for a run" AFTER I've gone just so I can cross it off.) So if you are considering an outnumbered, single parent fly over, go into battle prepared and confident in your plan. And please do not worry about the plane full of people who will look at your beautiful children in absolute horror as you pass down the aisle. They are wondering "will she scream, poo, throw up, kick my seat, ruin this one short hour of my life?!" Heaven forbid they remember that there are small children somewhere in the world. Hopefully the flight home on friday will go well also.... stay tuned!

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