Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Feeling the Love

This morning my 'little bit' came in the kitchen and, with both hands folded over her heart, she looked at me and said, "Mommy, I love Jesus. And He loves you too! A whole lot, Mommy." I have to say, I really need to hear that every now and then, and I am so happy to see the Lord using my kids to speak to me..... Literally. Hearing her say that, as simple as it may sound, instantly brought me back to the moment my new normal all began, almost two years ago.

The night before we ended up in the hospital with a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis, I was attempting to rock my little 9 month old to sleep. She had been fussy and not sleeping or acting like herself all week. As I rocked her, I prayed. I didn't know what was going on in her little body but I knew I wanted her to feel better. I prayed that God would help her feel better, so she (and I) could get some rest. (Daddy was gone overnight for work). I distinctly remember saying to God very late that night, "I am worried about her and whatever is ailing her, so I lay her at your feet and ask for healing. She is completely Yours. Use her as You need". Within minutes she was asleep and when she woke up in the morning the rest of our lives began.

I know that God chose me and my husband to be her parents and He is confident that we will do the best job raising her. I also know that He gave us this "thorn" in our side because He wants to keep us close and use our family in big ways. All of that makes me feel loved and confident in His love and plans for me and my family. We have grown closer together and to the Lord and it is all thanks to stinky Diabetes.

I completely surrender the lives of my children to the Lord and His plans for them.....I'll admit I have to say/do that over and over again, and sometimes I am so sure I could have made a better plan or design. And then I remember the part about God being perfect. He doesn't make mistakes, so I will have to run with the perfect design He has drawn out for us. To be honest, it takes a bit of a load off knowing I am not in control of it all.

Seeing such a drastic call from the Lord in our home reminds me, that Jesus loves me. A whole lot. And He will get my attention however He sees fit.


  1. Amy! You are an incredible writer! I love this post so much. . . God HAS chosen y'all! :-) How awesome is that!

  2. Wow, Amy. I had tears reading this. I hate that sweet little Ada has to deal with diabetes and I hate that you all have to deal with it along with her, but your heart of surrender and trust is amazing. I'm certain God will do big things through "stinky Diabetes" and your family. I've already been challenged and encouraged by your story.

    - Ashley B. Chandler

  3. So so sweet, Amy. What a real message from the Lord. I hope that you all are doing well. :)