Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Get physical....... ly fit!

Its a beautiful day today in our lovely little city. We have spent quite a bit of time outside today, with a long walk, some playground time, bubble blowing, and dog chasing. I started thinking differently about my daily exercise routine ever since our little girl was diagnosed with diabetes. As she gets older it will be much easier to manage her diabetes if she maintains a healthy habit of working out and staying active. However, I can not expect her to do that if I don't live by example. She is watching and following my steps in everything I do. If I wear leopard print shoes, she does too. If I put on make up, she wants to also. The other day she stood on a flat rock and told me she was on the treadmill and attempted to run in place as best a 2 year old can. So this is me, exercising more than I used to because I know she's watching and I'm hoping she'll take notes.


  1. I love this! :-) So glad you started blogging Amy! :-)

  2. As a type 1 diabetic, I want you to know that I admire your strength through all of this. It is one thing to be the patient, but I think it would be way harder being the parent. I know that my life and my body would not be in as great of shape if not for my mom taking such amazing care of me. I may not have been thrilled with her at times but thanks mostly to her I have zero complications to date.

    I am excited to follow your blog. Perhaps I can truly understand what it was like for my mom.

  3. Welcome to the bloggy world! I can't wait to read more!