Friday, March 4, 2011

Remember to breathe

I didn't post yesterday because it was one of "those days". Every parent (person) knows the kind. The day started at a bright and early 5:30 because Dad's alarm went off, and is so loud that it woke the baby. I won't go into my day completely I'll just let you know that there was no afternoon nap for either child, I made dinner for some friends with a newborn, made cookies for the people my husband works with, and it was also my shower day. (another thing that parents/moms have learned the hard way.... we don't have to shower EVERY day and we can still get away with looking cute) There was also some laundry, time-out, and errand running for husband. Not to mention countless minutes of food/bottle prep. All of that to say, all of the days happenings were adding up to be a terrible day. The kind that makes you say mean things to the telemarketer on the phone when he calls at 7 pm. (still feeling badly about that, "Bobby Brown from telemarketer USA") BUT lately I have been doing my best, and mostly succeeding, to remember to breathe.

When I think about the way things were before I had kids, I don't remember having to say to myself (out loud) "ok, take a deep breath...... now clean the peanut butter off of the wall and remind your two year old why she can't take her pull up off during 'rest time' (which used to be NAP)" Yesterday myself and I had this conversation or something like it about 10 times. But, by 8 o'clock everyone was asleep and I had my glass of wine and quietness. I went to sleep last night under the impression that it had been a good day. I didn't loose my temper, and everyone was fed, clean, and healthy. I have totally abandoned the inner monologue, and I am now full on talking to myself. Quite honestly, it helps. So today when you have a "day" or a "moment" just remind yourself to breathe.... maybe a few times in a row. It should at least get you to "bed time"

Happy Friday!

p.s. if my friend with the new baby, whom i made dinner for, is reading.... i truly loved making you enchiladas yesterday. Cinderella was on, and all was peaceful in the kitchen. :)

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