Monday, March 14, 2011

"Lovin' that fanny pack, Girl!"

A few days ago when visiting my parents, we were at the park and my 2 year old started playing with a little girl named Sally. They were having a blast introducing themselves to each other....(when asked her name, my 2 year old proceeded to give all three, first, middle and last names while pointing to herself and feeling oh so important. I only love it when she does things like that) The girls were going on and on about whatever it is that a 2 year old finds interesting. So naturally, Sally's Mom and I started talking.... should probably get to know the person, that is raising the person, that is influencing my little person at said moment. The very first thing Sally's Mom said was, "I'm lovin' that fanny pack, girl!" as she pointed to my little girl's tiny polka dotted pouch, which holds her insulin pump. I made a joke about tiny fanny packs for toddlers, and then politely let her know that it was actually holding my daughters little life support. Then Sally's mom made a joke about Sally wanting to put lip gloss in one and wear it at all times.... not a bad idea, Sally's Mom.

The belt that my daughter wears is actually called a SPI Belt. It was originally made for adults who need something to hold their "Small Personal Items" while jogging, riding, walking, etc. Now they make SPI Belts for children. They feel like a swim suits and come in all different colors. My little belted being wears one with polka dots! She used to wear a little white elastic pocket under her clothes that did a great job holding everything in place. But then we heard about the SPI belt from a friend who also has a toddler living with type 1 diabetes. They had tried it and liked it, so we followed suit and are now enjoying the polka dotted pump wear. Personally I feel there is hardly a better time to wear something polka dotted, and in the fanny pack family. When you're 2 its something to be desired.... at least according to Sally's Mom. I know when she is older we'll do our best to hide it and possibly quit wearing a pump all together. But for now, she is not older and I can still decide what she wears, so SPI Belt it is.

Thanks for the 'love' Sally's Mom!

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