Monday, April 4, 2011

The Apple of My Happy and Tearful Eyes

My youngest is 6+ months old which means.... baby food; among many other things. But today, it's all about getting ready to feed baby. I've read most of what there is to read on the subject of feeding and nourishing a tiny body.... although, in our case we are feeding and nourishing a good sized, "not fat, but chubby" body. (and I love that about her)

With our first child I did my best to make all of her baby food myself, and I am fully prepared to do the same with the second. By prepared I mean, I have "baby food cookbooks" and a "baby food processor"; its the passion for cooked and mushed asparagus and such that I'm currently lacking. All that to say, I got out my books and special forces and started with.... apples.

As I peeled and chopped apples today I caught myself counting each 1/4 of an apple and adding up the amount of carbohydrates. Then I had a really great, bring-me-to-tears, moment. I realized "I don't have to count carbs for this kid!" I chopped apples with more joy than ever before. For some reason, it just now hit me: this kid has a working pancreas! Although, I must admit that, with the "go ahead! I do it all the time!" from other moms in my situation, I have checked my 6 month old's blood sugar 3 times. (and that was using restraint) There is a part of me that wants to check her blood sugar as often as I do her sister's. I am hopeful (and prayerful) that we will only have to do the diabetes dance once, but if it comes again.... we at least won't be completely in the dark, maybe we'll start in the grey or foggy nighttime or something.

All I know is that for now, I've made 5 cups of apple sauce, I am refusing to count their carbohydrates, and I'm loving every minute of it.


  1. i can SOOO see myself wanting to check both of my babies' blood sugars!!! but, i love that you don't have to, too:) i'll never under appreciate my working pancreas again....