Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's in Her Bag?

What's in her bag? Maybe some lip gloss, a tiny wallet with a few credit cards, a phone, and a pair of flats for later. Probably just tissue paper.... photo shoot.

I told someone the other day that I should have given up "Internet window shopping" for Lent this year. I have been known to waste an entire 2 hour nap time looking at handbags and shoes that I can not afford. Confession 2011. All that to say: When I'm looking at handbags that I can't afford, I am drawn to the big, giant, more expensive type. If you could see the inside of my current bag, you would understand why.

I carry with me at all times..... unless I am traveling sans children.... no matter if it is a 10 minute trip to the mailbox, or a 10 hour trip for vacation
-glucometer case.... monogrammed of course. complete with meter, strips, lancet (needle-y part), batteries, tube of icing for emergent low blood sugar correction, extra lancet needles, and alcohol swabs
-apple juice boxes
-15 carbohydrates worth of snack of some kind....(100 calorie packs = great for this purpose)
-wet ones
-*up until the other day when my 2 year old ruined it*: the perfect pink lip stick from Bobbi Brown

every now and then, I'll need to throw in the glucagon pen, a bottle, formula, and a "chew toy"; depending on where we are going and for how long. If only I could get our insurance to pay for a new Kate Spade Ostrich bag to hold all of my medical supplies... to quote Bug, "that might help me feel better."

In no way is this me ASKING for a Kate Spade Ostrich handbag, Mom.... although I do love yours!

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