Friday, April 8, 2011

Its My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To, but I'll Look Fabulous Doing it

I hope you have something fun planned for the weekend! My 'team' and I will be attending the JDRF Gala on Saturday night. My husband's younger brother also has type 1, so I have been attending the JDRF fundraisers for 4 years and his family has been involved longer than that. The past two years I have gone to this event with a bit more of an invested interest.... literally.

The Gala features a silent and live auction, dinner, drinks, dancing, fabulously dressed people, and fund raising for research. Just watching all of those people write down their little number in an attempt to win some art work or football tickets is so exciting to me. JDRF gives .85c of every dollar to research, so the dorky side of me wants to walk around with a calculator and add up how much money from each item will be going to research, that will eventually cure my little Bug of this pesky diabetes business. I resist my inner nerd and have a fabulous time.

My friends and family will be there and I am entirely too excited about what I will be wearing.... lace skirt, tank, and a lot a-bit of jewelry. (I am dying to go further into my look for the evening, but this isn't a fashion blog so I'll save it) My nails are done, my tan is sprayed, and my kids will be staying with a more than capable person. I feel like this party is kind of a reward..."you survived another year, so lets party!" My absolute favorite part of the night is when they do something called Fund-a-Cure. The money raised with Fund-a-Cure goes directly to those hard working scientists trying to find a CURE. The auctioneer starts at something like $15,000, or something crazy (and in my budget, unreachable) like that and asks if anyone wants to donate that amount. If they do, (and they DO, people give that amount of money like it's $5... amazing) they hold up their number and every penny of their donation goes directly to research! The auctioneer goes down the scale....$10,000, $5,000, $2,500, and so on down to $50. Watching those little white cards shoot up around the room over and over might be one of the more amazing things I've seen. It is such a visual and tangible way to see how much money is going to directly effect and help our little family manage and, eventually, cure this condition. I am constantly amazed by peoples' generosity and willingness to support this cause. I am tearing up already. Next week I'll be back with a full report and some new facts about the strides being made in research.

Sappy-ness aside... its time to clean up my house and my kids so we can get ready to receive family; my other favorite part about this weekend! Hope yours is sunny and fun-filled!

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  1. Did you hear... Fund A Cure raised $150,000.00 this year and checks are still coming in! Congrats to JDRF for a fabulous evening and super successful event. AND a BIG thank you to those of you who support this cause, and in turn, the millions of people who will benefit from a CURE.