Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Girl's Best Friend

Have I mentioned that we have a dog? We have a German Short haired Pointer. He might be the greatest dog I've met, to date. He lets the girls pull and push and hug and lay on him without the slightest look of annoyance. (which is more than I can say.... confessions) Then ten minutes later he's in the yard protecting us from any and all things beyond the white picket fence. He comes when you call. He leaves when you ask. He doesn't do very many tricks, but I'm convinced that he could, if we were "watch my dog do this trick" people. In short, I love our dog and his no nonsense beauty and giant velvet ears.

On the subject of dogs; there are some efforts being made to train dogs to sense a low blood sugar. Some diabetics suffer from something called hypoglycemic unawareness. They are not able to recognize the symptoms of a low blood sugar like most. So for the people dealing with that, a diabetes alert dog might be the answer..... for now. As a human I am able to sense a low blood sugar by laying my eyes on my child, so I find it easy to believe that a smarty pants dog could wake someone from a deep-middle of the night sleep because a low blood sugar is on the way. If my daughter is an adult, living alone, and still plagued by diabetes.... I might really think about something like this. Is that the overprotective parent in me talking? Maybe.

Hopefully we won't have to cross that bridge. Hopefully those dogs will be unemployed and have to retire to a life of big cushy beds, leftovers, and playing dress up with their little girls and boys. Currently, I am more than pleased with my 60 pound animal and his sole purpose: beloved family pet.

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