Friday, April 29, 2011

Fun Friday Find: Accessories

When diabetes first came into our lives, the nurses brought something to my attention: The Medical Identification Jewelry. Everyone seemed to think we needed something for Bug to wear that shouted "I have diabetes! If I'm passed out, give me some cake icing and call 911" Right away, I started my research.... shopping. Almost every medical id jewelry website I found had beaded necklaces, big bulky bracelets, and braided leather options. In a nutshell: nothing for a 10 month old. I finally found a few websites (to be listed below) that had a few options for babies/toddlers that were both safe and style sensitive. (not ugly)

After two rounds of the cute little leather bracelet... (that most people thought was a watch..... on a 1 year old....?) we landed on the sport strap, shown above. Bright, fun, durable, washable, and informative..... sounds like a great first date prospect! Turns out our relationship has gone far past first date material and we have been loving our sport straps for over a year now. She has a few different prints and colors, and the stainless steel plaque slides on and off very easily. If she's in a pink-with-butterflies mood we can switch from blue-with-fish in two shakes and still be on time to school. For the sake of full disclosure, Bug seems to be on some sort of strike from all things suggested by mom, so she is not currently sporting the sport strap. However, it is forced upon her when we go on trips both car and plane.

When I was feeling too cool to make my child wear medical id jewels, the nurse said to me, "what if something happens to your whole family and you all get taken to different hospitals and the doctors need to know that she is diabetic?"........ After realizing that I had a new worst case scenario for a car trip, I decided that we needed to bite the bullet and label our little love.

So, if you know a loved one living with ANY chronic illness or condition (asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, etc) there are some very cute options in this department. They can be as flashy or discrete as you choose. Some adults are even getting a medical ID tattoo.... I'll let you make your own judgements on that subject.

Have a great weekend, with or without your labels.

Websites: (where we found the sport straps) (really cute and different than most I've seen) (very general, no frills, just facts)

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