Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun Friday: Fashion Finds

Keeping it light today after a few 'heavy' posts. We had a very stormy night here at our house and a yucky and wet morning. Whenever it's yucky outside I always want to wear something bright.... and dress the girls in something bright too. I figure if we can't get actual sunshine and, I'm going to be looking at them all day, why not dress them in something cheery and happy and sunny?

I am a sucker for all things monogrammed, smocked, and traditional. But I also like to dress my kids in clothes that I would wear myself. This spring and summer the trends are all about stripes, bright colors, fun flats, trouser jeans, and statement jewelry... among other things. In my opinion those are all things that translate to all ages....0-100. I'm posting a few pictures of fun fashion finds.

If your child clothing budget is pinched (as mine is), you can always look at pictures on the Internet or in catalogs and then make your own version. Most cities have big consignment sales which are great places to find things like smocked dresses, dress shirts, jeans, and shorts. If you are lucky you can find lightly used swim suits, shoes, and even fun tights. I also have been able to copy a Crewcuts look by shopping at Target or Old Navy. If you just have to have the actual name brand you can always shop sales, or just justify your purchase (as I often do) with the 'fact' that your "second/third/fourth child will wear it too!" My favorite places to look for trendy kids clothes are Crewcuts, Zara, Janie and Jack, and Mini Boden.

Fun layers under a t-shirt dress, and of course the giant flower headband (which you could actually make as long as you have a glue gun), and great bracelets... I would be tempted to borrow. This is, of course, Crewcuts.

Loving green and this vintage inspired look from Janie and Jack. They are also selling green mary janes with this look.

I love everything about this. Skirt. Layers. Yellow tights. A child reading a giant book. Love it.

I would like to find the adult version of all of these. So cute and would go with everything. These are from Zara...great place for tiny trendy shoes. My Bug picked out (truly she picked them out on her own) a pair of oxfords for herself. She calls them her "really cool shoes"

And a little something for the boys' moms out there. I always hear you say it's not as fun to shop for boys.... but Crewcuts (once they are 2 years old and big enough to wear it) always has fun stuff for boys, from neon shoe laces to very cool cardigan sweaters. Shopping can always be fun, sometimes you just have to work a little harder.

Even trendy for your tiny can be done. I have no idea where these items are from, but I know I love them and everything in this picture could be worn by baby girl or baby boy.

Have a great weekend! The sun is coming out as I type. Things are looking up already.

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  1. You know my kids are going to be so jealous of their trendy and super stylish cousins. You will have to help me with wardrobes someday. Yikes!