Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Lose.

I like this picture because it looks like a) the kid is about 7 years old and b) he/she has NO intention of going anywhere quickly...... read: ankles crossed. This picture seems to wrap up my feelings about potty training. At this rate, we will be in diapers in the second grade and never allowed near any sort of dance class or public swimming pool.

Of course I am exaggerating.... as I tend to do regularly. Bug will be 3 in July and has won EVERY potty battle we have had. I am so hard nosed about discipline and respect and manners and following the rules, so I am shocked by the way I plead with my tiny person while she sits on the toilet....."you can have anything you want, if you will just go potty!"

She goes "tee tee" on the potty pretty regularly. Its the other one that seems to be killing me. I'm following the rules I've heard work best. I bought her an amazing Cinderella dress as a reward after 5 consecutive/successful days of potty... both types. I have reviewed the order of operations with her so many times, I overheard her explaining it all to her uncle one day. (who I'm sure was so happy to know all the in's and out's of her life with potty)
Bug: "first I have to go poopie 1 time and I get stickers, and 3 (holding up 3 fingers) M&M's, and new princess bracelets. Then after I go 5 (holding up 5 fingers) times I get my beautiful Cinderella dress"
Uncle: "how many times have you gone?"
Bug: "I haven't gone yet. I can't go yet"

She seems too smart for this, right? This is the same child that, while she sits on the potty, looks at me and says, "maybe if I could have some water to drink, and if we painted my toe nails.... I think that would help me feel better."

At this point, as I paint her toenails, I'm willing to admit defeat. C'est la vie.


  1. And that Cinderella dress is dying to get off the hangar and be worn by the Bug. Don't worry - she'll come around.
    PS: Is this uncle my better half or my other brother? Love the convo.

  2. It was your brother... but i would not be surprised if she said that to your husband at some point.... probably while he was being uncle of the year and watching both of my kids at your dad's birthday party