Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Keeping it Clean

This is how I wish things were for me today. Wearing something fabulous on a beautiful day, loving my housework, and getting to iron outside. Maybe if I could iron outside in fabulous clothes I might grow to love it.

The reality of it all is, I haven't showered today, or even looked in the mirror for that matter, and I have been "spring cleaning" all day..... I have been spring cleaning for about 2 weeks actually. I have a major headache from the dust and I have just about finished everything. All things dusted, sprayed, straightened, and reorganized and I'm beginning to remember the benefits of this craziness. The biggest benefit being the fact that I am able to find things now. I just found 4 giant bottles of baby shampoo (unopened), a bunch of paintbrushes, and 4 5x7 picture frames. Thats somewhere in the neighborhood of $50, right?

I have noticed that our days are much smoother when our house is clean. Its safe to say I have become slightly obsessed with tidiness and Clorox wipes. My two year old is now a champ when it comes to clean up time and quite often she does so well (which means she did it the first time I asked and without whining) a penny often follows. Who knew our loose change could help reinforce good habits. She can even be seen pulling out a "Wet One" and then she's off to "clean up this house, mommy!" From teddy bears, to baby sisters, to German Shorthaired Pointers, to coffee tables, she does it all.

Nothing diabetes related today, just a bit about our days of cleaning lately. If you think your house can use some Spring Cleaning, start small and aim high. Today clean the fan blades, tomorrow the base boards, next week the windows, and before you know it you'll have a headache like me and your house will be clean.....-er than it was before.

I'm looking at a pile of unfolded laundry and my baby monitors are silent. Time to get some work done before my other jobs wake up.

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  1. wanna come do my house? :) I decided to start spring cleaning yesterday, got halfway through closet organization, and gave up