Thursday, May 19, 2011

The End of Our Beginnings On the Path of Education

Are you a teacher? Were you a teacher? Do you buy your teacher presents? Do you sometimes wish you were a teacher so you could get the teacher gifts..... and the summer break? Do you pretend to be a teacher for the j.crew discounts? Yes, that happens. Chances are, in some way, teachers are on your brain in some shape or form.

Next week is Bug's last week of our first year in preschool and I am now faced with the joy of getting a gift for her teacher. I know what you're thinking.... She's 2. Give the teacher a hug and some home made art work, but.......We L.O.V.E. Bug's teacher and everything about her little preschool and all that they do/have done for us. I only want to get the most perfect and fabulous gift for Ms. K because she deserves every bit of whatever it is I can give her, and more. She keeps up with 8 of these 2 and 3 year old crazies; keeps them clean, in line (behaviorally and literally), entertained, fed, educated, AND she checks my little bit's blood sugar and deals with high blood sugars and low blood sugars and all that comes with that territory. Not once have I felt nervous or unsure about dropping off my 2 years of hard work with a backpack, a glucometer, and a snack for three hours twice a week...... talk about feeling somewhat normal. I leave her there for 3 hours and I have no idea what went on that day until I pick her up at 11:30. Sounds simple, but it's a good thing for me.

I could go on and on and on and on and on..... about Bug's teacher and the way that she took on this challenge with a smile, lots of hugs, and confidence. From time to time she has even gone rogue and made her own edit to snack if there was something special like cupcakes or ice cream coming to class that day. She knows that as long as she stays within the boundaries of grams of carbohydrates that we have set, she can use her own judgement.... which has proved to be close to perfection. On top of all of that, Bug is learning how to "play nice", paint, share, "do the right thing", walk in line, sing songs, and other things that one must master before reaching the 3 year old class.

With teachers on the brain, I am trying to decide what to give our teacher for an end of the year gift. If I could, I would just give her a raise and call it a day, but that is not within my reach, or my budget. So, I'm thinking flowers, gift card to a yummy date night restaurant, or diamonds? I have a friend in "teacher world", working with some ladies that have received designer handbags at the end of the year.... true designer, with a name plate and a felt storage bag. If you are reading, Ms. K,.... I would if I could! I taught school for 4 years, but I was the art teacher... I usually got a mug full of candy or something else small that you would give a "fringe" type of teacher. One year I got a CUTE dish towel and red nail polish... random... but I loved it. Still have/use both. All that to say, I want to go big before we go home. Not big enough to make the teacher uncomfortable or my husband angry when the bill comes, but big enough to say, "Thank you for teaching and loving my child and helping me save her life for 3 hours, two days a week."

I'll keep you updated when I decide what route to take toward thankfulness.


  1. I feel like it's been forever since we've seen each other!!! At least I get to read your wonderful blog:) o

  2. I love your blog!

    My favorite gifts from kids were things I might not get for myself or have extra $ to do - gift cards to get a manicure, gift card to a great restaurant, a bottle of wine.

    I also got one of these this year - - and I love it too! Such a sweet gift!