Friday, May 6, 2011

Fun Friday Find: Your Mom!

This weekend is mothers day! The mothers in my life have truly shaped me. In fact, I think it's safe to say that some of the most important things I know, I've learned from a mom..... whether it was my own mother, my grandmothers, my friends' moms, my mother-in-law, my sister, or now my own friends that are mothers! I want to list a few of my favorite knowledge nuggets I've gleaned in my 25 years. (ok, I'm 29, but I really liked 25, so I like to stick with that one)

Some of you will probably recognize some of these:

-when toys/clothes/shoes are left out, they go on "vacation"
-a lady should always have polish on her nails... even if it's just clear
-kids should sit in time out for as many minutes as they are years old
-never tie something around your waist, unless you were wearing it at some point and you have no where else to put it
-no open toed shoes before Easter or after Labor Day
-HOW TO COOK... you have ALL helped with that one
-how to make my bed
-how to fold a towel to hang on the towel bar
-make a big deal about birthdays
-Turtle Cookies
-watch the whole game even if your child never gets to play
-how to blow out candles without making a mess with the wax
-how to use mayo and ashes from the fireplace to fix those big white spots on your dinning table that are caused by something too cold
-use a coaster
-make your guests feel like they are staying in a hotel when they stay at your house
-assign seats at a dinner party.... if you are the host
-keep your hair out of your face
-how to blow dry my hair
-how to navigate a shopping mall
-how to surprise my kids with unexpected treats at unexpected times.... (car trips, every time we crossed a state line)
-how to clean the top of my fans
-if you let your kids hang out with their friends at your house all the time, you can hang out in the kitchen with them while you "make cookies" and get in on all the high school goings on
-if you can't put away the clothes you have right now, you don't need anything new
-don't clear the table if you are a guest
-traditions are important
-good manners will open a lot of important doors
-how to be a good hostess
-read your Bible
-wash behind your ears
-the fancy grocery stores never have everything you need
-don't let your friends use moms nail polish in the Barbie spa
-how to rotate the carpet in sister's room so the spilled nail polish won't show
-how to get the little bubbles out of the syringe when doing a site change
-a recipe for baba ganoush
-try to get to at least page 100 of a book before giving up on it
-go to church
-ALWAYS RSVP (if the invitation asks)
-if you child throws her body down on the floor screaming and throws a knock down drag out fit.... leave the room and if she follows, repeat action until said child gives up
-do not let the nurse promise your child that her mommy will buy her a new toy if she doesn't cry during the throat culture
-dates with your husband are important
-if you let me get dressed in peace in quiet, I will be ready much faster
-you can make your own choices, but if you end up in jail, I'll pick you up in the morning, you'll have to spend the night
-you can find just about anything you need in the Neiman's Book
-I don't care what that little girl is doing, I'm not her mommy
-it's going to build character
and finally
-no one ever said life was fair

*there are SO many more... I could work on this list for DAYS, but I'll stop there*

I love you, Mom.....Happy Mother's Day! And to all the other moms out there reading. If you are not a mother, be thankful for yours this weekend.... you have no idea how hard she worked for you!

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