Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun Friday Find: My Eight Month Old

Our Peanut is now 8 months old. One of my favorite ages. My husband says that I say that about every age.... 3 months... "this is my favorite age"...... 6 months... "no, this is my favorite age."...... 2 years old.... "no, THIS is my favorite" Maybe I do like them all.... there is something fun and new with every month. However, I think its safe to say that I'm not looking forward to uncontrolled toddling through the house, or the curious destruction that comes with the 9-18 month old. I'm relishing in my happy sitter at the moment.

She loves:

her sister
the dog
being held
holding hands with Bug in the car
chewing on everything
her schedule
eye contact
my lap
and anything else involving personal attention

She might be the sweetest baby I've met, to date. I can set my watch to her daily patterns and I love that about her. Her smile stretches, literally, ear to ear and she thinks peek-a-boo is hilarious. She is fast and busy and I'm thankful that she is still only rolling and scooting. She will be crawling soon, at which time, no thing or person will be safe. So, just for today we are loving our little Peanut, her smiles, her snuggles, and her limited mobility.


  1. thank you for appreciating the non-mobile stage!!! it makes me feel better about thinking this 'toddling' stage is so hard! and i think she IS IS IS the sweetest baby i've met. sam and brooks are a close tie for second, though:) happy 8 months, sweet mary win!

  2. she is just the cutest and sweetest! Oh how I already long for the sitting stage of just a few weeks ago. :)
    Aw Morgan, I just saw that Sam got a "blog comment shout-out" love it