Friday, May 13, 2011

Fun Friday Find: Hosting

Short post today. I am doing "prep work" for one of my favorite things. Hosting a dinner party. All of the preparing and list making and organizing... I only love it. Tonight we will be Garden Party-ing with 16 of our close friends and praying that it doesn't sprinkle on my fabulously set table and lit candles. Thanks to my in-laws my husband and I are able to totally commit the entire day and night to Garden Party 2011. I have checked Bug's blood sugar once today and just typing that and reading it over again... I feel like I'm on a mini vacation. Sitting in my quiet house... too quiet really, with nothing but "what jewelry should I wear tonight" on my brain. I will leave you with a few pictures that have set the tone for our mini event tonight.

I hope you have something involving outdoor play planned for the weekend. Enjoy!


  1. OH how I love hosting dinner parties too! :-) Can't wait to see pictures!