Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Proper Motivation

Today Peanut started crawling! She has been dragging herself around our house for a few weeks now, but today was actual connected knee-steps in pursuit of something specific. When I say dragging, I don't mean "army crawl", I mean dragging. Only using her arms, which is actually pretty amazing if you ask me. This is the same child that taught herself to sit all the way up from laying on her back; like how you and I would do sit-ups.

She was crawling towards the T.V. remote, which is exactly what Bug was inspired by when it came to her first successful quad-mobilization. What does that mean? Do we watch too much T.V.? Don't answer that.

I sent my family members a little video of her first "steps". My mom responded and said that my older sister and I started crawling because we were after a gold Rolex. I love it. I wish I had known that earlier, it explains so much. I love things that shine and sparkle. Of course I would be motivated by the possibility that I might get to accessorize with a giant gold something. Come to think of it, I might still as an adult, crawl on my hands and knees if there was a Rolex at the end of it.

Off to sanitize the remote. I let her gum on it for a bit as kind a reward for getting to it. Thank goodness for Clorox Wipes.

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  1. Yay Mary! Love your posts- glad I can keep up with you through them. :) Now if I could just manage to start one of these....