Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun Friday Find: The Lake

Today our family is headed to the Lake. My husband and I both grew up going to our grandparents' lake houses, and I am so excited for our girls that they get to grow up doing the same. I love that rules don't follow us there as closely as they do here. There is no ironing, hair blow drying, dieting, computer-ing. Even the girls bed times become a bit fuzzy, and nap time isn't as essential. I also love that we are only at the lake house with people that we love and like spending time with. The crazy people from work, the odd neighbor, the mail man who won't deliver the mail if your dog is out ... they don't get to come.

We do, however, pack a healthy supply of diabetes"goodies". Even just a weekend trip, we are bringing 5 sets of site change supplies, insulin, extra canisters of test strips, extra alcohol swabs, glucagon pen and all the other things we probably won't need, but would hate to be in need of at 3 a.m. (cotton balls and ketone strips, lancets, and extra batteries.... for those of you who speak diabetes) All neatly packed away in my Container Store box.

(*fun note for parents: The woman at the store where I get my monogramming done, suggested that I get one of those cute jewelry travel bags for all our supplies. It's the one that unfolds and has all the clear pouches so you can see everything.... not a bad idea! AND I could have it monogrammed.... again, if only the insurance would pay for stuff like this....)

Long gone are the days of "I'm on my way home from work early, lets go to the lake! Throw a few things in a bag, grab the dog and the baby and we'll hop in the car last minute". However, as often as we go to the lake I have the organization and packing routine down to about an hour..... that's while the girls are awake and busy.

I always forget something whenever we travel. Whether it's my lip gloss, or the dog food there is always something. Every time we leave the house, car packed, seat belts buckled I say, "well, I know I forgot something.... hopefully it isn't something we can't live without!"

Here's to trying not to forget my kids or the diabetes supplies... everything else, we can make up as we go.

Back to packing. Have a great Holiday Weekend!

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  1. Wish wish WISH we were going to be there with you! But one weekend (not the Fourth) when Will is in LR we are planning a lake weekend that I will come down for. I can't go the whole summer without have a lake weekend with ya'll!