Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Love Letter To Nap Time

First of all.... I want to give a little "shout out" (as they say) to my Followers. Every time I type I remember that little column on the right side of the blog. I had decided that 19 was a great number... I love my 19 little followers. (I know there are more of you out there reading... not to worry, I've discovered the "stats" button) Then today I signed in and there you were. 3 more of you. Now my number is 22, and I like it. Thanks for following, even though it doesn't REALLY matter, it helps my little brain remember that someone, besides my family members, likes this thing I do. So, again, thank you.

Now... on to my original reason for signing in today....

How much do you love nap time? I don't care how old you are or if you have kids.... nap time is amazing. I have worked so very hard to get my two monkeys to take 2, or 3 hour naps simultaneously.... worth it.

Nap time is precious to me. True confessions: if you have called me during nap, thinking, "oh, it's nap time, she can talk on the phone! I'll call her", chances are, I did not answer. I love you and I am so glad that you called, but 85% of my nap time is brainless and I can promise you, I had no idea where my phone was, heard it ringing, and thought.... "I want to keep watching the Cooking Channel. If it is truly important they will call back" Then I feel guilty after you leave a message, so I get to up to find my phone, and call you back. Unless I am actually TAKING a nap... then I don't get up, and I'll call you back tomorrow.

(Side note: Hopefully that will not deter anyone from calling me at any time in the future. I'm never not happy that you called, so keep dialing and leaving messages...I will call you back I promise)

Today I caught myself, just short of running through our little house; from closing Bug's door, to the laundry room to start a load, to the kitchen to fix my lunch. I laughed, standing at the counter, wishing the toaster would toast my bread faster so I could get to the "do nothing" portion of my lunch break before it was time to fold the laundry. I am not ashamed of my love for Nap and the un-productivity that comes with it. If all has gone as planned, "3:30 p.m. snack time" is a happy place for all of us and the afternoon looks hopeful.

Signing off, in preparation for Peanut's wake up call in 5....4....3.....2......

Seriously. She's awake.... JUST now. I could set my watch to that one.


  1. Amy, I LOVE reading about your family! :-) and I LOVE following your blog!

  2. Yea! Thanks Elizabeth!! I also love your blog... dying to try the mango salsa soon!

  3. this could have been written by me. I am 100% the same way. I give myself at LEAST 1 hour of un-productivity during naptime, and rarely answer my phone at that time! Gotta love some alone time